Get Organized Before School Starts

So often we receive requests for organizational help for our students. A month into school, and they are already losing their notes, homework, assignments…you name it. Before school starts, help your child to organize and start the year off strong.

Start by organizing her bedroom. Clean the closets and desk with your child. Get rid of any unnecessary papers, and create a designated work space for her. Get a “memory box” and a file to keep anything she wants, but place that box in the closet so that it is not a distraction. Go through all of the books your child has in her room. Donate anything she’s read or pass it down to a younger sibling. Make sure that your child has sharpened pencils, working pens, a stapler, and binder clips ready to go. This gives your child a fresh start for the new year.

Make sure that your child has a bulletin board and post-it notes. A copy of your child’s schedule should be prominently placed on her bulletin board. It also helps to highlight classes in different colors, so that her day is easily recognizable to her when she wakes up.

Let’s face it, as much as you try to encourage your child to pack up before she goes to sleep the night before, that doesn’t always happen. Make it as easy as possible to get ready in the morning. Purchase notebooks and folders that correspond to the colors on her schedule. Each class should have its own color. That way, when your child goes to grab books in the morning, she will know what “colors” she needs that day. Have her layout her outfit the night before if possible, to facilitate getting ready in a crunch.

Purchase a daily planner for your child and check it. Make sure that she is writing down appointments, sports practices, after-school activities, and homework assignments. Have your child schedule study time as well as “downtime,” as this will provide her with more order to her day.

Suggest that your child clean out her backpack and locker weekly. Often, a lot of those “lost” papers are thrown into the backpack or locker in a rush to get to the next class or leave school. Keeping these spaces organized and clutter-free will help ensure that nothing gets lost in transit.

Finally, make sure that your child has time to take a deep breath and re-group every day. A 20 minute mind break often helps a child organize papers and thoughts, and it gives her time to recall responsibilities that she might have forgotten in the rush of her day.

Ultimately, starting this process before school starts will give your child a headstart on the responsibilities of being an effective student. Start the year off on a positive note, and help your child manage time, assignments, and expectations in an organized and thoughtful manner.

GAMECHANGERNOW.COM has organizational specialists who can help your child stay organized throughout the year. Contact us for more information.



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