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High school is the time to create your story. Let GAMECHANGER help connect you to a specialist.

College planning starts the first day of your freshman year of high school. From choosing courses to determining the most appropriate extracurricular activities and leadership roles, GAMECHANGER connects students to seasoned college advisors who can guide you from the first day of high school. 

The college prep specialists referred by GAMECHANGER can help students at any stage of this process – freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year. Whenever students connect with specialists on GAMECHANGER’s roster, they will customize an individualized plan for them.

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The unique college advisors on GAMECHANGER’s roster will help develop three-dimensional students. College advisors help with any or all of the following:

  • Class selection
  • Strategic resume building, including extracurricular and summer activities, community service roles, internships, jobs, leadership roles, and supplemental academic programs
  • Test prep – PSAT, SAT, ACT
  • Academic assessment and strategy
  • Customized college lists
  • Essay strategy, development, and transformation for Common Application essays and all supplemental materials
  • Strategic college visits, including help with on-campus appointments and appropriate follow up
  • Interview preparation
  • Assistance with guidance department forms and choosing teachers to write letters of recommendation
  • Application strategy and review
  • Financial aid support, including identifying and applying for applicable scholarships and grants
  • Strategies to manage waitlists and deferrals
  • Complete support for students who want to transfer colleges

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