Special Education

Every student learns differently. Some need more personalized attention and struggle in large classroom settings. Tutoring outside the classroom, can assist students with learning challenges to better prepare for tests and improve their grades. By using techniques that address his or her specific learning challenge and reviewing the materials repeatedly, students’ grades improve. And a tutor can help motivate students to do their homework and feel good about school. Students with learning challenges can be academically confident and successful. GAMECHANGER can refer you to a certified special education teacher who is not only considerate and compassionate, but can help students build skills and confidence.
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Whether students have trouble decoding basic words, struggle with executive functioning, organizational skills, or math and writing skills, specialists on GAMECHANGER’s roster can help.

These tutors are:

  • Special Education teachers trained in Wilson, Preventing Academic Failure, or Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory techniques. They can help students build and strengthen decoding and comprehension skills.
  • Special education tutors who help with executive functioning and organizational processes. Our specialists can help students learn test-taking and study skills. Organizational techniques like setting goals, problem solving, and organizing the workspace will enhance executive functioning skills and help make academics less burdensome.
  • Specialists who teach coping mechanisms for students with ADHD to give students a better chance for academic success.
  • Writing teachers who specialize in teaching writing to students with different learning styles. GAMECHANGER’s writing tutors can help students learn to write a well-thought out, comprehensive essay.
  • Special education teachers who teach math using multi-sensory techniques, including the Fundations Math Method.

In person and online, GAMECHANGER connects students to tutors who design highly individualized programs using proven techniques to help them build academic skills and confidence.

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