Post College Planning

Congratulations! Graduating from college is a remarkable milestone.

Preparing for graduate school or finding a first job is a time-consuming, complex, involved process. Whichever path you choose, GAMECHANGER has advisors for every need and every budget.


When students commit to continuing their education, they need to set themselves apart. The specialists on GAMECHANGER’s roster can help students with whatever you need – from answering your questions to supporting you throughout every step of the graduate school application process, including:

  • GRE, GMAT, LSAT test prep support
  • Graduate school personal statement
  • In-depth resume review
  • Extensive interview preparation
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Getting a job requires more than blindly sending out resumes. Finding the perfect job takes time, effort, interview and networking skills.

GAMECHANGER’s experts help students identify the right fit opportunities for you. Count on a specialist referred by GAMECHANGER to help you show employers why they need you in this ever-evolving workforce.

GAMECHANGER will connect students to career advisors who will help to clarify career aspirations and identify opportunities, helping them:

  • Working with a trusted advisor to discover how to turn your passions into a career
  • In-depth career assessment testing
  • Analyzing interests and determining the most appropriate next steps
  • In-depth resume review
  • Personalized LinkedIn profile review
  • Learn to use LinkedIn as a networking tool
  • Uncovering unique networking strategies
  • Crafting customized cover letters that highlights individual strengths
  • Extensive interview preparation, including mastering one-way video interviews
  • Debriefs after every interview
  • Writing a personalized thank you note
  • Targeted career matching


Whether you have a few questions or need extensive, in-depth career advising, GAMECHANGER connects you to career advisors with proven results.

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