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Honing skills and interests in music and art are essential to fostering well-rounded, empowered students.

GAMECHANGER connects students to experienced, talented music teachers who can help them learn piano, guitar,flute,drums,saxophone,trumpet, and other instruments. Whether it’s learning a new instrument or preparing for a NYSSMA competition, the patient, seasoned music instructors on GAMECHANGER’S referral list will help students from pre-k through adulthood.

GAMECHANGER can also connect students to art specialists. Whether a young student wants to learn how to begin to draw and paint or a high school student is preparing an art portfolio for a college application, GAMECHANGER can connect you to a talented art instructor.


Some students prefer learning from other students because they feel more comfortable and engaged. Peer tutoring is beneficial in many ways. These relatable high school and college tutors have excelled in the subjects they teach. They can explain concepts and help with homework. Choosing a student tutors from GAMECHANGER’s roster is a less expensive option when your child just needs a boost.

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Congratulations! Graduating from college is a remarkable milestone.

Preparing for graduate school or a first job is a time-consuming, complex, involved process.

The specialists on GAMECHANGER’s roster can help students with every step of the graduate school application process, including:

  • Analyzing interests and determining the most appropriate next steps
  • Resume review
  • GRE, GMAT, LSAT test prep support
  • Interview prep

Finding the perfect job takes time, effort, interview and networking skills, and requires more than just sending out resumes. Count on a specialist referred by GAMECHANGER to help you show employers why they need you in this ever-evolving workforce.

GAMECHANGER will connect students to specialists who will help to clarify  career aspirations and identify opportunities.

  • Put together an effective resume
  • Create an effective LinkedIn profile and learning to leverage LinkedIn for networking opportunities
  • Job search and application guidance
  • Customized cover letter support and development

Whether you choose to go to graduate school or to start your career right after college, the specialists on GAMECHANGER’s roster are here to support and guide you, helping you to successfully and confidently achieve your goals.

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