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Lisa Field

We worked with Amie and the experience was nothing short of positive! Thanks for your support in this challenging process.

Cathy Rose Brodsky

GAMECHANGER has been only wonderful!! Their tutors are top notch and I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Sarah J Shar

I've used GAMECHANGER for language tutors, writing help, math help, and ACT prep. Not only did I have a great experience with the service itself, their tutors are the best. Plus, most of them came to me. And I couldn't find any other tutors who were as reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone.

Caryn Mautner Mazzarelli

Great experience. They made it ready easy to find a great fit for my daughter.

Brenda Kavner DeRose

We had a great experience with Gamechanger after struggling to find a sax teacher. They matched my son with an excellent teacher who comes to the house! Definitely would use them again.

Carol Birch

I had my first experience with GAMECHANGER..... The help that my daughter received was exceptional. We had a super Tutor and would highly recommend this wonderful Company. I can not thank them enough for the help and support that they gave us. Professionalism at its best.

Jennifer Taboh

Gamechanger tutors were amazing and an integral part of my sons’ college application and admission process. We could not have done it without their help!

Suzanne Westchester Mom

My daughter says that her GAMECHANGER social studies teacher is the best tutor she ever had. She is the smartest tutor, and she really knows how to explain things and get her organized.

Joyce Westchester Mom

My son and I LOVE our GAMECHANGER physics tutor. She is thoughtful and really listens to what my son needs. She has given us both great feedback not only on how my son can prepare for his physics final, but also how he learns and can best prepare for tests. I highly recommend her without any reservations.

Deborah Westchester Mom

Just wanted to let you know that our GAMECHANGER tutor has been working with Zach consistently and it is paying off. His report cards came today. He improved his grade in English from a B to an A. This is a tough teacher so that was quite a jump. We are thrilled with the progress he is making!

Jennifer Westchester Mom

You guys are awesome. Thanks for all that you do. My son had an amazing experience with your middle school math tutor.

Rebecca Westchester Mom

When my son's Spanish teacher quit, GAMECHANGER connected me to an effective, patient, and kind Spanish tutor. She has not only helped him keep up, but he is now ahead of his class!

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