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Completing homework effectively is not always easy or fun, but it is essential. However, for students to do their homework well, they must be able to apply, review and integrate everything they have learned in class. That involves many skill sets, including self discipline, attention to detail, organization and the ability to recall what he/she has learned in class.  For many students, daily homework assignments are the toughest part of school. First, GAMECHANGER can connect you to a tutor who can help students do homework in every subject. They can sit with students, help them organize, and make sure that they are getting everything done efficiently and effectively.
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Working with a GAMECHANGER homework helper is a cost-effective way to support students and reinforce the skills necessary to become independent learners.

From pre-k through college, GAMECHANGER can connect students to homework helpers who will ensure that school is not an overwhelming, 24/7 activity.

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