The Sunday Scaries: 6 Ways to Stop Children from Procrastinating

Every Sunday night, after a full day of sports, birthday parties, multiple meals and snacks, when you’re ready to leave the kitchen and head to the couch to watch t.v. or read a book, after you’ve told your children to pack up for school…three times, your children hit you with it. Your 3rd grader has a project due on Monday…and they didn’t start it. Your 8th grader has to read 50 pages of Lord of the Flies and annotate so that he/she/they can present to the class the next day. Your 10th grader has a chemistry test first period on Monday morning, and he/she/they hasn’t studied. How can you avoid the Sunday Scaries?

4 Things to Consider as Students Look for the Right Fit College

Research is essential to finding that right fit college. This process includes taking virtual tours of schools, signing up for information sessions, digging into schools’ websites to find out more about opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and, when possible, visiting a range of schools.

6 Ways for Students to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

No matter how hard we try, stress is part of everyday life. Stress can manifest itself in many different ways, like when your elementary school student says that he or she is sick and does not want to go to school or when your high school student can’t focus on his or her schoolwork or struggles to sleep at night. Anxiety is often caused by increased social and academic expectations, overscheduling, less downtime and family together-time, as well as internal expectations that each student sets for him or herself. 

Helping Student Athletes to Successfully Navigate the Athletic Recruitment Process

There are many factors that go into recruiting student athletes, and multiple factors that student athletes consider when they pursue college athletic opportunities. Students need to consider their options and to make sense of their athletic and academic goals when looking for opportunities to be student athletes in college.

Time Management and the Happy Kid

It’s 7:30pm.  You’ve been scrambling to make dinner since you brought your child home from soccer practice at 6:15.   You finally sit down to eat and quickly learn that he missed the play in the game because he was concerned about his math test grade, that he still has hours of homework ahead, and that […]

“How was your day?”…And Other Questions Your Kids Ignore

How often do you ask your child about his day and receive a one word answer? Or, worse than that, a grunt on his way to the refrigerator? How can you change the course of your after-school conversation with your child? Maybe you have to change the question. Asking about a child’s day is  bland […]

My 7th Grader Was Not “A Pleasure to Have in Class” and Turned Out Just Fine

by GAMECHANGER’s essay specialist, Marlene Some children are compliant. Their report cards always say things like “a pleasure to have in class.” Conferences with their teachers tend to be glowing and complimentary, and when you finish speaking with them, you want to skip out of the classroom and go home and hug your child. Well, […]