5 Key Strategies to Becoming a Successful Math Student

It is vital for students to pace themselves when learning math, as mathematical concepts build on each other. By the time students reach Algebra 1, they must have mastered all basic mathematical concepts. Students must make sure that they master Algebra 1 before moving ahead to Geometry and Algebra 2, as even the most advanced math classes, like Calculus, involve one complicated step followed by a series of steps of basic algebra. 

4 Fun Holiday Math Lessons

‘Tis the season for making math fun. In the midst of holiday festivities, students can practice their math skills. As students incorporate math into their everyday routines, they understand the importance of learning math….

The Importance of Interview Preparation

Many of you will be looking at colleges and universities this year.  It is important to make sure that seniors are prepared for Admissions Interviews.   The process of applying for college can be a stressful event. Students who are prepared interview with confidence. Good interview skills are basic life skills. They encompass how to […]

Managing Back to School Anxiety

As summer activities are winding down, and the school supply lists are posted and mailed out, many children start to become anxious about re-starting school. Experiencing some level of anxiety is typical for kids, especially those who do not transition easily. Rather than simply accepting back to school stress as part of “the process,” parents […]

Summer is a Perfect Time….

  The last day of school is a moment of unadulterated joy for most children. A sense of exuberance, exhaustion, and relief comes over students. No more homework. No more grades. Yet, over the summer, children can lose momentum and forget important skills learned throughout the school year. Without stress or academic overload, children can […]