5 Key Strategies to Becoming a Successful Math Student

It is vital for students to pace themselves when learning math, as mathematical concepts build on each other. By the time students reach Algebra 1, they must have mastered all basic mathematical concepts. Students must make sure that they master Algebra 1 before moving ahead to Geometry and Algebra 2, as even the most advanced math classes, like Calculus, involve one complicated step followed by a series of steps of basic algebra. 

5 Ways to Encourage Children to Develop a Growth Mindset

Fostering a growth mindset is a powerful way to cultivate a positive attitude, to be willing to learn how to learn. Being open to new ideas, to learning concepts and seeing different perspectives, involves having a growth mindset. 

7 Ways to Positively Encourage Curiosity and Wonder in Children

Happy kid giving thumbs up due to game changer tutoring

Learning should not be something children only do for eight or nine months a year. Learning should be a constant, lifelong process. It should evoke feelings of curiosity, wonder, and awe, encouraging children to seek out new experiences and opportunities to learn.  Here are 7 ways to encourage children’s curiosity and wonder.  Encourage children to […]