Ten Things to Do BEFORE Your Child Leaves for College

As the school year winds down, families with high school seniors are considering how to get ready for what comes next. Here is some sage advice from our guest blogger, Lori Wolk.

  1. Consider Completing a HIPAA Form and a Durable Power of Attorney.  The HIPPAA form allows healthcare providers to share your child’s medical information with you. The Durable Power of Attorney authorizes your child to select one or both parents to make his/her or legal decisions that include speaking with professionals at college. Eighteen year olds are considered a legal adults; these forms can help keep you informed in case of an emergency and provide you the right to act legally on your child’s behalf.
  2. Identify Local Providers:  Before move in, identify necessary medical professionals: general physician, ophthalmologist, dentist, orthodontist (for retainers), psychologist and a pharmacy (preferably one that delivers).  Ensure these providers are in your network or, at the very least, accept your insurance. Share this information with your child (who should also have a copy of or photo of of your insurance card) AND keep them yourself.
  3. Conduct a Laundry Lesson: This is the time to explain why colors shouldn’t be washed with whites.  Share the value of a stain stick and a dryer sheet. Confirm which clothes should NOT be put in the dryer. Remind your child to read the instructions on machines at school; not all washing machines are created equally.
  4.  Make Holiday Transportation Reservations.  Holiday travel is costly. Make reservations as early as you can.  And, if possible, make them “changeable”. Something always comes up causing kids to want to alter their travel plans.
  5. Register for Amazon Prime.  College students receive a discounted membership to this invaluable service.  Prime members can order the broadest array of items and have them delivered, in two days, with free shipping! Guaranteed, your family will use this more than you can imagine.
  6. Purchase and Pack One “Business” Outfit.  It’s time to buy a suit (or dress pants, jacket and tie for boys) and a conservative dress/dress pants and blouse for girls. Schools run programs that require professional dress; your child will need appropriate clothing.
  7. Prepare Financially.  Ensure your child has access to a bank account and has an emergency credit card.  Consider linking your accounts so you can immediately transfer funds. Download Venmo on both your phone and your child’s.  So many students (and parents) use this convenient tool.
  8. Gather  Phone Numbers.  Save the phone numbers of your child’s roommate and friends; and share yours as well.  These simple steps can prove extremely important.
  9. Copy Important Documents/Information:  Make a copy of everything in your child’s wallet, just in case it gets lost.
  10.   Research Student Discounts:  Today, many businesses offer discounts to college students; take advantage of them.

Remember, GAMECHANGERNOW.COM is here to support your student’s academic needs in college too. Contact us whenever your child needs more support.

Lori Wolk is a seasoned writer who is generously sharing her wisdom and experience with GAMECHANGER’s audience. Need someone to write a blog or article for your local or business publications? Contact Lori at [email protected] today.


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