The Popularity of the One-Way Video Job Interview

Over the past several years, our career coaches [referred by GAMECHANGER Tutoring Connection] have seen an increase in the use of one-way video interviews. For those who are not familiar with this tool, job candidates are recorded answering interview questions by an AI powered video interview platform. They are usually presented with 3-7 preset questions and required to record their responses with time restrictions – usually 60-90 seconds. The questions can be both behavioral and technical. Their responses are analyzed by the AI platform, and then reviewed by recruiters and/or the hiring team.

Students and young professionals have expressed anxiety and apprehension about these platforms, and often do not know how to prepare for this first interaction with a potential employer. The best way to support our clients is to practice interviewing with the same cutting edge video interview software that employers use.

The team of interview coaches [referred by GAMECHANGER Tutoring Connection] prepare customized question sets for our clients, who then record their responses in the same format that will be required for an actual video interview. We review the interview internally and both see our client respond and hear review their recorded responses. This type of preparation and review helps our clients to better anticipate and prepare to succeed in an actual one-way video interview.

It has been reported that approximately 61% of employers are now using these one-way video interviews to expedite the hiring process and eliminate geographical barriers to recruiting. They are able to compare candidates and view them responding to the questions, and serve as a replacement for the previously used phone interview.

Tips for a Video Interview

Candidates who are invited for a one-way video interview must be aware of the following to have a successful outcome:

  • AI platforms process visual, verbal, and vocal (tone of voice) cues. Do your best to relax and act like you’re speaking to a real life interviewer.
  • There is an interview submission deadline. If you miss the deadline, your application is terminated. This is why it is critical to check your spam daily when in the job search process. It is not uncommon for these interview invitations to be marked as spam.
  • You must check your technology, have an appropriate background, and make sure there is no background noise.
  • It is important to dress for an interview, and make sure you maintain good eye contact.
  • Do not use notes. The reviewer will see if you are looking down while recording your responses.

Employers see many reasons for continuing to use these one-way video interviewing platforms. It is efficient, saves time, and they are easy to schedule. It is likely that the use of these platforms will become more widespread.

GAMECHANGER Tutoring Connection refers you to cutting edge interview prep specialists. Video interview prep is just one of the ways we serve our clients.

We want you to have the greatest chance of being selected to advance to the next round of interviews. If you’re ready for this level of preparation, it’s time to take the next step. Interview coaching is an integral part of our career services.

For more information about preparing for professional interviews, contact GAMECHANGER Tutoring Connection to work with Lesley M. and her exceptional team of career prep/interview prep specialists. 

Reprinted with permission of Lesley M. Originally published on January 19, 2023


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