Like every other muscle in the human body, the brain needs regular exercise. While sharpening the memory is a complex process that requires practice, attention, a willingness to isolate from distractions, and drastically altering normal study routines, there are numerous strategies that can help maximize memory skills. To improve memory, enhance the ability to recall information, and increase the retention of information, try the following 7 exercises.

We are frequently told to “follow the science” in many situations, from healthcare to environmental issues. But to teach our children to trust the science, we must teach them to understand and appreciate science.

This summer, as children unwind from a stressful school year, encourage them to pick up those books and read. Encourage children to make reading part of their routine rather than a school assignment. Encourage them to immerse themselves in their imagination, different perspectives, and diverse worlds.

Learning should not be something children only do for eight or nine months a year. Learning should be a constant, lifelong process. …

No matter what type of learner you are, no matter what the environment in which you were learning, this past year was a challenge for everyone. This includes students, teachers, and parents. Going forward cannot be a catch up race. We must foster a positive learning environment, an environment in which students learn to love learning, a supportive learning environment. Ultimately, this will help students make greater strides going forward.

Many students suffer from serious test-taking anxiety, a kind of performance anxiety in which fear of failure overwhelms the students’ ability to take tests effectively. This anxiety can manifest itself in multiple ways. Students can “draw a blank” once they enter the test. Or, students may have symptoms before the test, including headaches, nausea, or shortness of breath. In more extreme cases, some students suffer from panic attacks.

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